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Beat the Clock to Yellow Rock is the second segment of the second episode of Wacky Races, and the fourth race overall.


Heading for Well Digger, Wyoming, the racers are afraid to pass Penelope Pitstop because she's hand-signalling a left turn, but she's really just drying her fingernail polish. The Convert-a-Car uses frog legs to hop into the lead. From last place, Dick Dastardly fires a missile which lands in front of the others and turns into a stoplight causing a pileup, and he drives right past them.

Professor Pat Pending falls down into the Ground Canyon, but uses a giant pogo stick to bounce up to the other side. The Creepy Coupe uses dragon power to flap across, and The Army Surplus Special extends its tracks to the canyon floor. Dastardly tries to use a tree to launch himself across and into the lead, but smashes his car instead.

Muttley lassos anchors to the other vehicles to regain the lead. First to enter Yellow Rock National Park, Dastardly spots Old Unfaithful and hatches an idea. Muttley paints a roadway over the geyser and it erupts, lifting The Compact Pussycat above the ground. However as Dastardly gloats, the eruption ends and Penelope's car crashes down onto him.

At the park's exit, a ranger stops the cars to check them for bears trying to escape. On Dastardly's tip, he orders Blubber Bear back into the park. While they wait, The Ant Hill Mob goes for a swim, and a group of bear cubs dress up in their clothes and steal The Bulletproof Bomb, but the ranger catches them. Lazy Luke uses a kite to fly Blubber Bear over the ranger. Another bear steals The Mean Machine but gets stuck on Old Unfaithful. Just as Dastardly gets it back, the geyser erupts again, but quick-thinking Muttley diverts the angle and it sprays him toward the lead.

The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug uses a gas pump hose to slingshot across the finish line. The other racers cross, but Dastardly is still being juggled in the air by geysers.

Finishing Order

  1. The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug
  2. The Buzzwagon
  3. The Creepy Coupe
  4. The Bulletproof Bomb
  5. The Bouldermobile
  6. The Army Surplus Special
  7. The Convert-a-Car
  8. The Turbo Terrific
  9. The Compact Pussycat
  10. The Crimson Haybaler


  • When the park ranger tells Blubber Bear "Back into the park!", Blubber's snout is the same color as the rest of his fur.
  • In the final stretch shot, the Bouldermobile can be seen flickering to a lighter color repeatedly.
    • In the next shot, Luke's lower half flickers between his own colors and Blubber's fur color.