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By Rollercoaster to Upsan Downs is the first segment of the sixth episode of Wacky Races, and the eleventh race overall.


Racing from Slipover, New Jersey to Upsan Downs, Lazy Luke pours HRP, Hot Roasted Peanuts, into his motor, a squirrel in a wheel, to get more power. The Slag Brothers get in a fight with each other, but their Super Clobber Club Power breaks The Bouldermobile to pieces, so they sculpt a new one from a nearby rock. Professor Pat Pending uses Sail Power, but The Gruesome Twosome blows him back with an Ill Wind.

Dick Dastardly paints a realistic chasm in the road to divert the other racers. They drive right over it, but when he follows, he falls in. Peter Perfect lets Penelope Pitstop pass with her load of laundry drying behind her. Red Max makes a move, but his propeller gets tangled in her clothesline.

The Mean Machine drives by Holiday Park. Though it is closed for repairs, Muttley throws a road switch to divert the other drivers in, while Dastardly activates all of the rides. He uses the roller coaster, House of Horrors, carousel and other rides to slow his competitors. The Professor uses a boot gadget on The Convert-a-Car to kick Dastardly into the human cannonball's cannon, and a glove gadget to turn off the rides and help the others back into the race.

The Army Surplus Special uses Super Percolator Power to take the lead. The Creepy Coupe shifts into Dragon Wheel Power, but can't get past The Ant Hill Mob. Dastardly erects a Rube Goldberg device to sabotage the other racers, but has to use Muttley as a basketball, then by mistake covers himself in cement in the middle of the road. Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley plow right through it. Blast orders Meekley to get to the finish line and step on it, so he exits the vehicle and literally steps on the line, allowing Red Max to win.

Finishing Order

  1. Red Max
  2. The Slag Brothers
  3. Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear


  • A the beginning of the episode, Dastardly draws an X on his map to the side of the path. In the next shot, the X is directly on the path.