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Eeny, Miny Missouri Go! is the first segment of the twelfth episode of Wacky Races, and the twenty-third race overall.


Speeding to Eeny Miny, Missouri, Dick Dastardly lures three of the other race vehicles into an aquarium and into a large whale. The whale immediately sneezes them out, but then inhales Dastardly and blows him out its blowhole.

Finishing Order

  1. Convert-a-Car
  2. Bulletproof Bomb
  3. Compact Pussycat
  4. Buzzwagon
  5. Bouldermobile


  • Tremendo has a uvula, which real-life whales don't have.


  • Penelope Pitstop roasts a chicken under the hood of her Compact Pussycat.
  • The episode list inside the DVD case incorrectly spells the title "Eeny, Meeny Missouri Go!"