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Fast Track to Hackensack is the second segment of the fifteenth episode of Wacky Races, and the thirtieth race overall.


Speeding to Hackensack, New Jersey, Dick Dastardly changes a speed limit sign outside the town of Law 'n Order from 35mph to 85mph, so The Ant Hill Mob are arrested and jailed by the local sheriff for speeding.

Finishing Order

  1. Bulletproof Bomb
  2. Bouldermobile
  3. Creepy Coupe


  • Throughout the latter half, Ring-a-Ding is mistakenly called Ding-a-ling.
  • When the Ant Hill Mob forms a tower, their wobbling is animated in a way that dislocates their legs.
  • At the "10 miles to the finish line" mark, the window frames on the Creepy Coupe blink between two shades.