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Idaho a Go Go is the second segment of the third episode of Wacky Races, and the sixth race overall.


Racing to Baked, Idaho, Dick Dastardly uses The Mean Machine's helicopter ability to place a concrete block in the road, but not in time to stop the other racers. The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug boils into the lead, but a parsnip sandwich with extra pepper makes Blubber Bear sneeze them backwards. They crash into car 9, then 7, 1, 4, 3, and 6, taking them all out for repairs and letting The Compact Pussycat take the lead. Dastardly dresses as Little Red Riding Hood and asks Penelope Pitstop to take a basket of goodies to Granny's house.

He speeds to Granny's first and gives Muttley a wolf suit while he dresses as Granny and waits inside. When Penelope brings in the basket, Muttley the wolf knocks on the door and she beans him with a frying pan. Peter Perfect notices her car and, concerned for her welfare, knocks on the door too. Without looking to see who it is, she cracks him on the head with a pan as well. Dastardly locks her in a closet, then the real wold arrives and tosses him out. Penelope pounds on the closet door, and when the wolf lets her out, she pounds on him with the frying pan.

The Ant Hill Mob use getaway power to stay ahead of Red Max, but The Crimson Haybaler's super prop power propels him into the lead, slicing The Bulletproof Bomb to pieces. Dastardly erects a cattle-crossing detour sigh, then he and Muttley disguise themselves as a cow. The other racers are diverted, but when they realize the detour road is closed, they return, running over the do-badders. Then, an angry bull charges them.

Rufus Ruffcut and Sawtooth bore through a giant boulder on the road. The Slag Brothers give it a whack on their way past, turning it into a set of bowling pins. Professor Pat Pending turns The Convert-a-Car into a bowling ball and knocks them down.

The Bouldermobile edges out The Buzzwagon and Convert-a-Car for the win, and the angry bull continues chasing Dastardly and Muttley long into the night.

Finishing Order

  1. The Bouldermobile
  2. The Buzzwagon
  3. The Convert-a-Car


  • When Dastardly locks the closet door, it is a swivel latch, but when the wolf opens it, it is a sliding one.
    • In addition, the door opens to the left when Dastardly locks it, but it opens to the right when the wolf opens it.