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Mish Mash Missouri Dash is the first segment of the third episode of Wacky Races, and the fifth race overall.


The Wacky Racers wend their way up the precipitous Piker's Peak toward the finish line in Mish Mash, Missouri. Dick Dastardly has Muttley sound a phony firetruck siren, and the others pull over to let them pass. A fork in the road causes some confusion and mixes things up.

As Penelope Pitstop takes the lead, she takes a mud pack facial. However, when The Bulletproof Bomb splashes more mud on her, she takes a bubble bath. Some of the bubbles fly in Peter Perfect's face. Unable to see, he drives up a telephone pole and across the wires to zoom to the front, then into a tree.

Dastardly takes a shortcut and runs into a booby trap set by an irate rifle-toting hillbilly determined to protect his land from trespassers. Dastardly yanks off his hat and beard and wears them, claiming to be a cousin.

Meanwhile, The Creepy Coupe moves into first with jet-assist dragon breath. It holds off Red Max, literally, with a giant hand from the belfry. The Convert-a-Car changes to a turtle shell to slide under them.

Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley take the same shortcut as Dastardly, and the hillbilly fells a tree on top of them. Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear arrive too, and Luke recognizes the hillbilly as his cousin Elmer. He tells him Dastardly is not his cousin so he chases after him with his rifle, but Muttley gets The Mean Machine fixed just in time.

As The Slag Brothers try to pass, The Ant Hill Mob jackhammers The Bouldermobile to rubble. The Turbo Terrific rockets to the finish line, but Peter slams on his brakes to avoid a kitten on the track, and Professor Pat Pending wins the race. The Mean Machine, riddled with bullet holes, falls apart as it crosses the line last.

Finishing Order

  1. Professor Pat Pending
  2. Penelope Pitstop 
  3. The Creepy Coupe
  4. Red Max