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Red Max is a character on Wacky Races. He was originally voiced by Daws Butler.

About Red Max

He is a Bavarian daredevil pilot and air ace whose name is a combination of the Red Baron and the Blue Max. He drove The Crimson Haybaler, a car/plane hybrid that was capable of limited flight, usually just enough to leapfrog over racers or obstacles in its path. Red Max could use his propeller as a weapon to slice other cars into pieces, which was demonstrated effectively in one race against The Ant Hill Mob's long stretching Bulletproof Bomb. The Haybaler also had a mounted machine gun, which was used sporadically. Despite the Haybaler's plane components, its flying ability is often minimal, and Max often has to bail out when the Haybaler breaks down.


  • Max's car, the Crimson Haybaler, and the Compact Pussycat are the only cars not named during the opening titles.
  • He won the first race in the series.

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