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The Carlsbad or Bust Bash is the second segment of the seventeenth episode of Wacky Races, the thirty-fourth race overall, and the final race of the original series.


Dick Dastardly digs a pit, and three of the drivers fall in, but they escape before Dastardly can drive over them.

Penelope Pitstop powders her nose, blinding Red Max, as Dastardly conserves gas by using a sail. At a hairpin curve, the Turbo Terrific speeds on three-wheel power off the road, landing in first place.

Dastardly tries to overheat The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug, but it just propels itself into first place from the extra steam.

Dastardly rockets Muttley ahead to place a fake "Bridge Out" sign, which stops the racers. Dastardly picks Muttley up, but before Muttley can tell him why he still has the sign, he discovers the bridge really is out by falling off it.

At Carlsbad Caverns, the racers become lost. Dastardly enlists a caveman to attack them with a boulder, but Professor Pat Pending cues it back at him. The 8-ball boulder chases Dastardly through the maze of tunnels, as the other racers make it out.

"I hope we can find our way out of here in time for the next wacky race," says Dastardly as Muttley laughs.

Finishing Order

  1. Compact Pussycat
  2. Crimson Haybaler
  3. Bouldermobile
  4. Army Surplus Special
  5. Arkansas Chug-a-Bug
  6. Convert-a-Car