The General is a character in Dastardly & Muttley in Their Flying Machines. He was voiced by Paul Winchell.

About The General

The General is Dick Dastardly's superior, who always bellows unintelligibly to Dastardly on the telephone. He is always able to reach Dastardly by phone even when Dastardly is flying or even falling. The telephones are almost always of the old-fashioned "candlestick" design, and often delivered to Dastardly by paradrop. They also occasionally explosively self-destruct when the general hangs up. The General is generally an unseen character except for his uniformed arm, which occasionally emerges from the telephone earpiece to grab Dastardly's neck or strike him. In one episode he pays a personal visit but only his foot is seen. In one of the "Wing Dings" short cartoons, we can see a photo of an officer hanging on the wall, which is possibly the General (although that fact was never confirmed).

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