The Great Cold Rush Race is the second segment of the ninth episode of Wacky Races, and the eighteenth race overall.


Cross frozen Northern Canada from Frostbite, British Columbia, to Cold Cuts, Quebec, Dick Dastardly aims bombs at the others and causes an avalanche. Then he places dynamite in a bridge of ice. He then dresses up as an abominable snowman to scare the others. Then he turns it into a real drag race with super glue. Finally, he turns the 00 into a balloon but deserves a pat on the back!

Finishing Order

  1. The Crimson Haybaler
  2. The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug
  3. The Bulletproof Bomb
  4. The Bouldermobile
  5. The Creepy Coupe
  6. The Turbo Terrific
  7. The Army Surplus Special
  8. The Buzzwagon