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The Speedy Arkansas Traveler is the second segment of the sixth episode of Wacky Races, and the twelfth race overall.


On the way to Noahs, Arkansas, The Ant Hill Mob uses their Prop-stopper to prevent The Crimson Haybaler from passing. Penelope Pitstop tidies up The Compact Pussycat, but her vacuum sucks the parts off The Turbo Terrific. The Army Surplus Special uses Triple Traction and GI Power to take first place. Dick Dastardly aims to strike the Surplus Six with an iron pendulum ball, but strikes himself instead.

Professor Pat Pending converts The Convert-a-Car into an exact copy of The Bouldermobile. Confused, The Slag Brothers cheer when he passes them.

Dastardly sees a sign warning that Army war games are in progress. He disguises himself as a Lieutenant and orders Sergeant Blast and Private Meekley to enter the games. Before Dastardly can get back to the race, a passing Colonel orders him to participate as well, and he takes a shelling. Lazy Luke and Blubber Bear misread the sign and stray into the games too, but ride a huge bullet to safety.

Dastardly uses a beehive, a giant kersnapper, and a tankful of chocolate fudge to try and stop the racers, but each one backfires on him. A tree branch flings Blubber Bear around the other vehicles but he finally lands back in The Arkansas Chug-a-Bug. The racers all have to wait for a drawbridge to close, then The Slag Brothers win the dash for the finish.

Finishing Order

  1. The Slag Brothers
  2. The Ant Hill Mob
  3. Peter Perfect
  4. Penelope Pitstop